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Terms & Conditions

  1. Please ensure that if your company uses Purchase Order Numbers you notify the office promptly with the correct order number. This order number will then be referenced on your invoice.

  2. Please note we require information at least 72 hours prior to any booking, this includes the following mandatory information:
    - Site Contact
    - Site Address
    - Candidates Names against categories booked
    - Purchase Order Number – if used
    If this information is not received within the allotted timescales your booking is at risk of being cancelled with full charges still applicable.
    Please inform the Office of any changes to you booking you may have. The Office is open from 08:00 – 16:00 Monday – Friday. If you need to make any last-minute changes outside of the Office Hours, please contact the Instructor assigned to your booking, the number can found in the booking confirmation provided. Please be aware any changes made with less than 48 hours’ notice may incur an admin charge and any changes made on the day with no advanced warning will incur an admin charge. 

  3. If you are supplying the grounds for training/testing, please ensure that there is a dedicated, suitable area for theory, training/ testing to take place. Candidates’ vehicles, canteens and communal spaces occupied by members of staff not participating on the course will not be deemed suitable.
  4. If you are booking candidates in for an Experienced Worker Test, please ensure the candidate has sufficient experience to meet NPORS testing requirements. If a candidate is profiled on the day by the instructor and they find the candidate fails to meet the full criteria, the instructor will be unable to proceed with the testing, whilst full payment of the invoice is still applicable. If you are unsure whether your candidate meets this requirement, please phone a member of the office team who can help to direct you with this.

  5. All candidates must be fully equipped with the appropriate PPE for the testing scheduled, this is to include a minimum of a hard hat, Hi Vis, appropriate boots and gloves. Please ensure candidates have with them photo ID, national insurance number and their CITB Registration number if applicable. The instructor will ask to see the candidate’s identification on the day and Construction Training Services will keep a record of the last 4 digits as proof of identity.

  6. If the candidate requires an NPORS CSCS card, then please provide proof that they have passed their health and safety touch screen test within the last 2 years. If a candidate does not have an in-date health and safety test they will be issued with an NPORS Traditional card - these can be transitioned over to an NPORS/CSCS card at a later date. (Please see the NPORS website for more info).

  7. For candidates whose first language is not English they are required to have a good level of spoken and written English. Translators can be used if supplied by the customer. Unfortunately, it is not possible for other candidates participating on the training course to act as a translator. Any translators provided must be available throughout the day. Alternatively, Google translate can be used for the theory assessment only.

  8. If you wish to book for the Petrol Driven Hand Saw (Abrasive Wheels) or the Cable Avoidance Tool (Cat & Genny) we are able to offer the equipment for this. The use of this equipment incurs a fee of £50.00 per item plus VAT.

  9. Please ensure any equipment or accessories to be used are in good safe working order and has the relevant documentation in place prior to use. Any testing for lifting equipment needs a valid, in date LOLER certificate for the machinery plus any relevant accessories. It is mandatory that either a copy of the certificate is emailed to the office prior to the training date, or the instructor is provided with a copy on the day of the training. If this LOLER certificate is invalid or cannot be provided to the instructor testing will not be permissible to go ahead and the full invoice will be issued, less the registration fee. Please note we can provide lifting accessories if for any reason a LOLER Certificate for the accessories cannot be provided - Construction Training Services can offer this service on the day for a fee of £50.00 plus VAT.

  10. If your site requires the instructor to complete a pre site induction, please contact the office so they can make arrangements for the instructor prior to the date of the training or testing. 
    The information you provide to us will be used for the purposes of booking Training and/or Testing through our own certification or NPORS, along with the purposes of administration such as; History of bookings, uploading of information to the NPORS Accreditation portal and uploading Awarding Organisation Certificates to CITB’s database., Your data will be held securely and treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to any external parties other than as required for the purposes described above, which include sharing your information on a construction training register as well as with employers, awarding organisations, training providers, or funding bodies. Your Personal Data will not be passed to third parties for marketing purposes without your consent.